Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ragu Double Cheddar Sauce

I remember back when I was a university student in Japan for a year abroad.  I was pining for macaroni and cheese, which was impossible to find anywhere.  I found a jar of this Ragu cheddar sauce and mixed it with pasta and ... was extremely disappointed.  There was absolutely no flavor.  I gave it one more shot, thinking I had just undercooked the pasta or not drained it enough or something, but no.  It was just awful sauce.

Fast forward to my wheatless state.  I had been purchasing cases and cases of Annie's delightfully delicious macaroni and cheese--deluxe--which was the bestest macaroni and cheese EVER, and I was not about to give up eating macaroni and cheese for something like a wheat intolerance.  So I went back to Old Cheesy and hoped I could make it edible.

I read around on the internet and found some people discussing how to add flavor to it.  So I poured some of it in a bowl, added salt and pepper, and then some grated cheese.  Microwaved it.  And put pasta in it.  And it was surprisingly edible.

See, here's the thing:  Ragu needs to think about upgrading their Double Cheddar to maybe Triple or Quadruple Cheddar, because there is no %@#a&ing cheddar in this sauce.  If this is DOUBLE, then maybe quadruple or quintuple would make something with some actual flavor.  When I buy a jar of something, I want to use it straight from the jar.  I don't want to have cheese on hand to add to cheese sauce.  Because that defeats the purpose of buying a sauce.  I could make my own sauce. 

What is up with all these bland, lackluster cheese sauces?  Come on, guys.  I checked just to make sure that Tostitos and Ragu were not in cahoots, but Tostitos is Pepsi and Ragu is Unilever. 

Do not buy this sauce unless you are either really desperate or else want to add your own special touch to the sauce.  It is not worth it.  It's simply bad by itself.  The alfredo sauce isn't much better, as I recall.  There just HAS to be a better cheese sauce out there you can use on pasta or chicken or whatever.  Has to be.  HAS TO BE!!

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